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ShortcutsMan is a free program that displays the details about all shortcuts
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ShortcutsMan is a shortcut manager. It displays all shortcaus that you have on your desktop and in the Start Menu. It is not an indispensable tool but it is an elegant solution for easily viewing these files and their properties. It organizes them in alphabetical order and shows you such properties as the object it links to, the hot key assigned for it, location and all the other details. An interesting feature is that it colors broken shortcuts (when the file they are linking to is missing) in red so you can spot and solve the problem.

The program gives easy access to all the tools you need for managing your shortcuts. With two clicks, you can open up the properties dialog box for an item, save an HTML report or repair a broken link.

Although this utility is nicely crafted, it lacks a simple functionality that would have made it better: executing a shortcut when double-clicked. Instead, when you double-click on one item, it selects it or deselects it from the list. To open up a program linked by a shortcut, you have to open up the properties dialog box, go to the “Shortcut” tab, click “Find target” and then run the file. Well, at least that is the only disadvantage.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Super-small utility
  • Nice, organized list of shortcuts with all their details
  • Free


  • Too many clicks to run a shortcut
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